Kaththi - Vijay dominates the movie. An entertaining movie, with a powerful social message that is sure to satisfy everyone.

My Personal Favourite Kaththi is Better Than Thuppakki 
Kaththi Why My Most Favourite Main The Story Different Than Thuppakki 

thuppakki became Blockbuster..but Kaththi is more sharp than it..with brilliant scenes and sceenplay...Ppl must choose the right winner.!

With Thuppakki & Kaththi ,can we expect another movie from this successful combo

kaththi thaaru-maaru.. thuppakki mass, kaththi class! "Greeedam evala perusa irundalum -
Atha thangura thalai ganama irukakoodathu"  

We are glad to announce that our film kaththi has been given the widest release of any film in South Indian film history. 

The film will be released overseas at a record-breaking 570 screens, a feat never before achieved by any South Indian film. In Tamil Nadu alone, the film will be released in 600 screens, and the movie has broken records in Karnataka with 100 screens, Mumbai with 104 screens and Kerala with 200 screens. Meanwhile, the Telugu version of the movie is all set to release soon in 400 screens. 
No movie in the history of the South Indian film industry has even come close to this achievement, and we are hopeful of bringing a huge Diwali treat to moviegoers all around the world. 

- Team Kaththi 

Movie Name: Kaththi 
Direction: AR Murugadoss t's 
Cast: Vijay, Samantha 
Music: Anirudh Ravichander 
Editor: Sreekar Prasad 
DOP: George C. Williams 

Kaththi Review Tweets Sum-up 
AR Murugadoss meets the sky-high expectation with Godspeed script. Kaththi is like how a blunt metal is sharpened to become the sharpest metal. Starts slowly ends on a high. film opens to an excellent report, viewers from early morning shows have had an electrifying Diwali morning. "I'm waiting" in the interval block makes the crowd roar, AR Muru-gadoss has hits the right chord of the audience. 

Vijay has mastered both Kathiresan & Jeevanantham with absolute ease; Samantha does a neat job. AR Murugadoss scripts a classy villain and Neil Nithin Mukesh has outstood with his commendable performance. George C. Williams is absolute show stealer with his amazing sensibilities to show things and colors in stunning fashion. Anirudh though amused the audience with an amazing album; his bgm leaves a little impact on the audience. We've nothing to say about Sreekar Prasad - One word LEG-ENDARY sums it all. 
Kaththi becomes the new benchmark for Murugadoss- Vijay combo & will become a blockbuster in coming days. 

Vishal's Aambala directed by Sundar C - First Look

Superstar Rajinikanth Lingaa new look Stylish photo Diwali Wishes

Vayasanalum un Style'um Un Alagum innum unna vittu Pogala....

Suriya's MASS first look  photo Mass director: Venkat Prabhu

Vijay's politics desire is the main reason for Kaththi opposition. Vijay currently acting the movie in Kaththi. This movie direct by A.R.Murugadoos. Vijay pair with Samantha acting the lead role. This movie concept is based on the Politics.  Before Vijay says that I am interested in Politics that said about media. So the news knowing for the some systems are opposed by Kaththi movie. Long days the problem was held.At the same for the Thalaiva movie problems.  At this stage the problem was finished. Because some politicians and Tamil film industry are support to Kaththi. Vijay drop for the politics desire, and Any Vijay movie was not opposed for the people.

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Kakki Sattai Sivakarthikeyan and Sri divya police getup . Taana is renamed as Kakki Sattai . Sivakarthikeyan and sri divya are playing the lead roles

Vijay acting Kaththi movie is faced for many problems. Vijay acting double role movie in Kaththi. This movie Direct By A.R.Murugadoss. This movie released on Diwali. At this news are hearing upto second  the Chennai city is struggles for mired. This news are heared the Tamil Industry is suppot for the Kaththi movie. Kaththi movie problem is main reason for the lyca company loco.

The Lyca company is removed and the Kaththi movie is relaesed. Tamil  Actor Kushboo, Manobala, Radhika, Saanthanu, Sibiraj for support Kaththi movie the twitter status update. At this lines joined with Vishal, Vishal movie poojai and Kaththi is released on Diwali, But Kaththi is struggled for the some systems. Vishal says that Kaththi movie is released only Poojai is released. Kaththi movie supported in many side.

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